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sauna man, sauna man... steams the beans right in the can. Has his fists, and his thighs...catches cheese and some flies..
2:57 p.m. - 2008-07-19

Denise is:

Currently obsessed with:, lover the label clothing and sun dresses!!

Thinking: the need to take more vitamins and RUN, oh how much fun it is to the sun...;p

Wanting: to feel as though things are sorted out. That, and a candy bar. Just to look at haha

Hoping: Things will stay, as they are, in mind and life. That this course will be steady and the bumps will be done for now.

Wondering: why people watch entertainment tv..still.... that, and why words like pettifogger aren't used in the everyday anymore.

Pondering: as to whether it is better to have an anger mountain or a zen garden. Buddha would say the former *poor buddha statue*

Craving: a little bit of humna contact ;)

Reading: old entries, old emails and feeling the purge (inbox and clutter, strictly)


We had a pretty interesting and good conversation last night, and I'm not even sure he realizes it. Those are the best.

It started out as a game of "tell me me something,new."

Later on, someone accessed his email from another computer. NoT ME. So he changed his password and I asked him, politely not to share the new one with me.

Temptation is pretty great, and to be fair when I offerred up mine he asked the same.

We talked for three hours, into the wee morning times, like we used to.... Its insane how comfortable things are that way, and just how much I miss him.

I woke up this morning, albeit a little tired and bruisey ( as his been the case for the last week or so), but thankful for everyone in my life....

Cheesy I know.

Alright, the entry ends here, for real this time.

peace, love,hugs.


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